9 Reflexes To Adopt For A Safer Home With Toddlers

Between the stairs, the slamming doors, the slippery floors, and the corners of the table which you can protect with rubber corner guard, the house is a path strewn with pitfalls for babies and young children. Fortunately, simple tips make it possible to limit the risks, even if nothing replaces constant vigilance.

Hide Power Outlets

This is precaution number 1 when you have little ones at home: equip all low-power sockets with socket covers to avoid accidents. You will find them in supermarkets, DIY stores, specialty stores, and, of course, on the Internet. They are sold in batches, so you can put them everywhere; nothing ismore straightforward! The most complicated, finally, is to be disciplined and flawless: after each use of the socket, we put the cover back on.

Cushion Closing Doors And Corners

Little fingers quickly get stuck in the doors that can close suddenly because of a simple draft. To prevent this danger, foam door dampers are attached to the handles, preventing the doors from closing unexpectedly and, therefore, injuries. They are generally available in childcare stores and specialized supermarkets. Toddlers are also not safe from injuring their heads against a corner that is a little too sharp. Hence the need to install corner protectors, a kind of edge cushions, to be installed on the most prominent edges of the furniture to absorb shocks.

Prevent Windows From Opening

Conversely, it is also advisable, if you live upstairs, to prevent your child from approaching an open window without the presence of an adult at his side and even less to open the windows at risk of switching. For this, there are safety kits (available in DIY stores and childcare stores) to screw on the edges or to “suction cup” directly on the tiles to block the opening. And, of course, do not place any furniture or chairs in front of the windows on which the little ones could climb. Do you have a balcony? Here again, pedagogy is in order. Tell your child that it is strictly forbidden to go onto the balcony without an adult or to lean on the balustrade. And since you can never be too careful, install a balcony protection net.

Bar The Stairs

No one wants to see their toddler rush down the stairs at the risk of a painful fall. It is therefore essential to install an access gate at the top and bottom of the stairs, which only an adult can open. These kit barriers are very easy to install and can also be used to restrict access to a dangerous room (the kitchen or laundry room, for example).

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