Home Security System Communication Technology

Alarm systems can communicate in different ways with a monitoring station. These technologies are different and have their pros and cons. Home or business owners make their decision based on the price but are unaware of what they are investing in.

The common component you will see in every home security system is an alarm panel that communicates with a central monitoring system. The alarm panel transmits signals to the authorities and homeowners in case of a break-in. If the communication path has obstacles the signals get disturbed and the monitoring station does not respond properly. People aware of this choose wireless home security systems in Iowa but let’s consider the different technologies of communication.

Few alarm system communication technology

Telephone landline

It is a traditional option, where the telephone line was connected to an alarm panel. The system sent alert signals to the monitoring system over a connected phone cable network. The con of this system is burglars would cut the telephone line before breaking in.

Internet communication

The latest security communication technology has some pluses over telephone landline. Large data volumes can be transmitted through the internet. The system is connected to a cloud server for storing video feed from CCTVs.

The security alarm panel is connected over Wi-Fi and the signal communicates across the internet. Installation and monitoring are simple and cheap. The drawback is cutting off the internet connection before entering and even a power outage can interrupt alarm system communication.

3G wireless communication

The signals are transmitted over the mobile phone towers. It offers reliable communication as a burglar cannot disrupt these with ease. It protects better than the internet or landline but 3G providers are phasing out the 3G technology, so soon this equipment will get obsolete.

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